Thursday, April 21, 2005

good conference

Overall, the conference was pretty cool and I liked it as much as the Linux conference.
I think the sessions were pretty good overall. The conference is small enough were you can actually meet people. The one thing I liked about the Linux conference that this conference didn't have were the non-profit booths. The Google badge gets people's attention, which is cool. You can tell they want to talk to anybody who is at Google.

As far as solving potential issues, I didn't see one solution that nailed everything on the head when it comes to backup/failover/recovery solutions for MySQL. Lots of things got close to what I wanted, but nothing nailed it on the head. I hope by next year there will be some solid solutions addressing this since everybody and their grandmother are trying to sell products to do that type of stuff. You can tell people know there is a market for backup/failover/ercovery solutions and that is hasn't been filled yet.