Thursday, April 28, 2005

looking for two two solutions

There were two companies of interest to me for HA MySQL.
Metilinux, which provides a replicator frontend.
And then there was one company which replaced the mysqld binary with a versions that allowed MySQL Clustering without a limitation to memory.

Also, there was one company that sold what Hot InnoDB Backup does, but without a yearly fee.

Also, I am in works trying to develop another relationship between Google and MySQL which has gotten approval for a least a proposal from one VP/director. But that is hush, hush. It isn't really that important, but no point talking about something which may not happen.

Those are the long-term results of the conference.
Also, I might write a book, or coauthor a book next year.

Fun day networking

On Wednesday, I actually got some good networking done. I met some of the major bigwigs in the open source world and talked with one of them about silly stuff for a while. Very nice people. No political/social BS you normally find from the standard CEO suits. I got 3 minor business deals in the works. When I say business, I mean Tech business. I am not talking about monetary business.

Very productive day. Met lots of people, old friends. I like the Tour of the MySQL Code session. That was cool.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

good conference

Overall, the conference was pretty cool and I liked it as much as the Linux conference.
I think the sessions were pretty good overall. The conference is small enough were you can actually meet people. The one thing I liked about the Linux conference that this conference didn't have were the non-profit booths. The Google badge gets people's attention, which is cool. You can tell they want to talk to anybody who is at Google.

As far as solving potential issues, I didn't see one solution that nailed everything on the head when it comes to backup/failover/recovery solutions for MySQL. Lots of things got close to what I wanted, but nothing nailed it on the head. I hope by next year there will be some solid solutions addressing this since everybody and their grandmother are trying to sell products to do that type of stuff. You can tell people know there is a market for backup/failover/ercovery solutions and that is hasn't been filled yet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Had a fun time grilling the booth people

On Tuesday, I found a friend and went around the booths to find out who really is into MySQL and who isn't. It was a pretty good mix. Some of the companies were really into MySQL, some of the companies only had Windows products (which doesn't make sense since MySQL is mainly used on Linux I think), and a few were just there to advertise. There was only one company who had no business being there. My friend enjoyed watching me grill them and pound them into the ground.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Listening and learning

Warning/Disclaimer. I'm an old friend of the MySQL management team and an advisor to their company so I'm not disinterested. I'm sitting here right now in the tutorials section listening with interest to the questions. The audience is pretty fragmented between those who know more about databases than is good for them (they ask questions like do you have mutatable triggers) and those that backed into this from Php/Java programming who seem slightly bemused at the concept of recursion. The session on the new forthcoming features (Triggers, Stored Procedures, Views) was oversold as was the one I'm not in which is on performance optimization. I plan to say some pretty radical Googlish things about optimization when I talk at this conference on Thursday. I'll probably be stoned or heckled at the end of the talk so I'm planning a quick exit back to the Googleplex. Why? Because right now judging by the attendence in these tutorials everyone wants MySQL to be more like Oracle (or to understand it better) and I'm a well known fan of less is more, simpler is better, pick your platitude of choice.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Welcome to the 2005 MySQL User Conference Blog!

Like we did for the Python Convention, Googlers attending the MySQL users conference will be blogging about the conference here. I've personally been looking forward to the conference for some time and I'm very glad that Google is a sponsor. We look forward to seeing you there!